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Why did I choose Beyond the Masquerade’ as the blog name?

My masquerade is trying to please others whilst showing a false persona; this blog is where I give you the true me! Well, sort of  😉

Why did I start blogging?

I first joined WordPress to vent about the stresses following our sons diagnosis. I loved reading others posts on photography, got the bug and decided to create my own photography blog sharing our own photos linked to the seasons of the year. I later decided to create another blog which was my place to write about me, my thoughts, life in general but over time found I didn’t like jumping between the three so in September 2012 decided to amalgamate them into one – ‘Beyond the Masquerade’


Not everyone wants to read about Autism, look at photography, read about my thoughts, or even my attempts at creative writing. Some will follow or visit just for one area of interest and others maybe more. However, to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, as you can see on the menu above (click on the small square to the top far right or left of the screen – mobile devices); I’ve broken it down into areas and by categories:

  • Creative Writing I started this after attempting to join in with the DP Challenge which on that occasion happened to be about doing something different on your blog so I made an attempt at Poetry’.
  • Design: This is the place where I add things I’ve created, such as Puzzle Mazes for our son, or adapted digital photography.
  • All Other Categories: These are mainly my musings, rants or vents. Similar to the above, these are broken down into sub-categories within the header menu. You will see categories such as my ‘My Dreams‘, ‘Childhood Memories’ or ‘Food & Drink’ etc…
    In addition
    Living with Special Needs is no longer a main heading. It was the only area to vent and post about Autism and any extra bits that tagged along and mixed in the bag. The main posts can be found under the Autism Plus+ part of the ‘All Other Categories menu but I’ve added a few additional pages you might like to read and some sub categories that you can get to via the sub-headings within the ‘Autism Plus+’ header menu.

I hope you enjoy my blog and that the menu isn’t confusing :) Please feel free to drop me a comment on the layout or thoughts on my posts – criticism, approval… all welcome.

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    • Blimey, thank you 😀 Second one in a month. I’m not sure I’m allowed to accept it though. There are a lot of rules on this award but the main one is for people to find new bloggers based on a low amount of followers and having only been established a couple of years. I’ve been blogging since 2011. However I really appreciate the thought. Thank you x

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