Me, me, me… all about me – the extended version!

I’m a grand-daughter, daughter, step-daughter, sister, half-sister, step-sister, mother, wife, volunteer, student, pain in the…!

I gave up work towards the end of 2011 after sixteen years in one industry and I am studying towards a Psychology degree whilst volunteering at our local village school – which I love – trying to fulfill my duty as a stay at home mum.

Until I created this blog, I had four others on the go: a special needs venting blog, a photography blog, a classroom/studies blog and a whatever is on my mind blog. That got too much for me so I decided to try to combine them (see my ‘About’ page) but have left my classroom/studies blog separate, just to be safe.

When I was growing up I was a ‘tomboy’, made weird voices, mimicked adverts and made my family laugh – I still make weird voices and my family still laugh at me, although I’m not so sure it’s because they think I’m funny in the humorous sense! I apparently talked too fast and too much, so mum always told me to ‘stop going around the houses’ as I tend to explain what I’m saying before I get to what I’m saying. See!?!

I’m an introvert, tend to be a little abrupt and to the point, can seem sarcastic, tend to appear aloof/reserved/snobbish when really I’m just observing and listening – I love watching people; I’m good at sizing people up which is probably why I like Psychology, only I think it makes some people uncomfortable at ‘how much’ I work out. I’m a little like Roz in Monsters Inc. ‘I’m watching you Wazowski, always watching!‘…

Oh, and I’ve recently been diagnosed with a form of chronic illness!


I could go on, but then that would be an autobiography and as it is, you know far too much about me already. But hey, if you want to know more, just read my blog 🙂

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