9/11 – Right or Wrong?

‘Right or Wrong?’ is my question on whether we should post photos of a devastation so long after it occurred.

I’ve had these photos in my blog folder for a while now, waiting and wondering when a good time would be to post them or if at all, I should?!

The question I have at the back of my mind is: –

Do people want to be reminded of this event by seeing such pictures?
Will families and friends expect people to remember and therefore appreciate these photos?
Is it disrespectful to those that died and who were affected on this day?

I wasn’t sure whether to post these, but they were apart of a journey I took when I travelled to New York and I think they show how a country came together, a world stood still and people thought ‘for once’ about those other than themselves.

Yankees vs White Sox

Back in August 2003 we had our first holiday to New York where we enjoyed many wonderful sights, taking the bus tour and soaking up the atmosphere.

Once the trip had been booked, we decided it would be great if the New York Yankees were playing at home whilst there. Luckily for us they were so we booked up over the internet ready to see a baseball game with the New York Yankees in the Bronx. This was also our very first baseball game and we loved every minute of it, as did our almost 2-year-old whose birthday was just 4 days later.

We were lucky to have booked a good hotel, being the Crowne Plaza and we were given a high floor for a great view of Times Square. The best part for me was that the building was above Hershey’s (although I can’t say I enjoy the chocolate unfortunately, I’m a Cadbury girl) where I took great pleasure in buying gifts for my sisters and a teddy to add to my collection.

On August 27th, 2003, we made our way to the New York Yankees stadium where we collected our tickets, dropped off our bags and then made our way in. At the turn-styles they were handing out a souvenir Yankees tin lunch box which I still have in its plastic bag but with a small dent from our house move! 🙄  We enjoyed the hot dogs, wedges, ‘soda’ and the man with the frying pan and spoons who came round for our little one to bang.

A great afternoon, evening and worthwhile visit that would definitely be done again if we ever manage to save up enough to re-visit.

For some reason I’ve always been drawn to America and the American games – if you’re wondering, my American Football team is Miami Dolphins and I have been lucky to see two games at home here at Wembley Stadium in London.

Anyway, we must have jinxed the game as the New York Yankees lost to the Chicago White Sox 2,11! We managed to take a few photos and I’ve included two of the game showing when they were about to pitch and then one with the ball flying. The quality isn’t great as it wasn’t digital but memories are a wonderful thing.