Old Port Royale

At the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort we stop off at the main hub for dining, shopping and general arcade fun where we have most of our meals. We wouldn’t normally have desserts but as we have the Quick Service Dining Plan, they are part of the package.


Todays dinner consisted of two kids nugget meals so they could get their free bucket and spade for tomorrows lazy day by the pool and on the beach. For us adults, I forgot to take a photo but it was a Jerk chicken sandwich, which was actually very nice. This was followed nicely with a chocolate pudding (as seen on a previous post) and a carrot cake. My husband said the topping was just icing!


As we were about to dip into our pudding, we noticed the big black thunder clouds. We made a quick dash to be caught in the rain before making it back safely to our Jamaican village room where we enjoyed our pud with a Disney film – The Lion King.

Peanut Banana Smoothie

When it’s warm, we all like to drink something cool, that is unless you have a sensory issue to cold things. One of my favourite drinks to make are smoothies and my family love them too. A couple of years ago, I adapted a Jamie Oliver recipe to accommodate what I had in the cupboard and I made the following smoothie.


One banana – yellow with no green is best but too ripe and it’s overpowering!
Half a Snickers bar
A handful of ice
Two generous scoops of vanilla ice-cream
A slosh of milk
A drizzle of maple syrup
Fresh can (squirt) cream

Pulse the ice in a blender until crushed, add the banana & Snickers bar then pulse and whiz until a smoothish consistency. Add the ice-cream, milk and syrup and whiz until mixed. Pour the contents into a glass leaving about a quarter of an inch at the top and squirt the cream into a mountain peak on the top. Add a sprinkle of Cadbury powder or a flake as you wish.

My current favourite is without ice or a Snickers bar but with double ice-cream and two scoops of smooth peanut butter or chocolate peanut butter. This gives a much smoother consistency and sucks up a straw easier, alternatively eat with a spoon.

For my children, who aren’t too keen on the banana; I just use two scoops of ice-cream, two Oreo cookies, and some milk. This is a simple and easy child friendly drink.