The Great Escape

The lights flicker, on and off
sparks float within the glass
like fireflies in the sky
dimming with each breath.

The mind leaps,
heart pounding,
thoughts racing.

Grasping the air
reaching for attention
a visual pain
something to understand.

It stings, burns
a need to make it greater;
no reason why.

Just a feeling of release!


A weight, heavy, dragging you down
Tired eyes aching
An out of body experience
as you wade through each day

Irritable stress weighing down on the soul
An invisible stress
A full head
Pressurised, fighting to get in
Fighting to get out

An emptiness
Low, irritability
Unsure of what, who, why
Unable to reason

Floating like a lead balloon
Mixed feelings of pity
Struggling mind


The Magic of Imagination

Tall, magnificent

glimmering walls stood tall,

a moat outstretched,

a forecourt beckoning.

Guarding, rising,

a master standing still,

imagination forever beaming,

a silence echoing.

A companion held

close in the distance,

watching, newcomers welcomed.

Excitement encompasses

children, parents, adults alike,

comparing to nothing.

Through the grounds they sweep

a castle, small.

The floors of stone,


the halls hold still

though visitors haste.

Mesmerised by beauty,

enchanted by magic,

the unknown beholding.

Awake in the land of dreams.

Day 5 of the Writing 201 course: Poetry – Map, Ode & Metaphor
I’ve been putting this off as it was daunting but an attempt, I’ve made.


A fabric woven to mask our soul, hiding the pains of despair. Allowing us comfort in each other’s arms, touching and showing we care. A warmth in our hearts, surrounded by love; we caress, we fondle, we kiss. Deep in our core, beneath all the scars, our loving provides us with bliss.

This is my day three attempt at Writing 201: Poetry course that for day three is linked to skin, prose and internal rhyme. I found this one difficult as I wanted to include my understanding of skin but drew a blank when it came to writing something.


Forever true, your kindness blooms

Rose in the thorns that never wilts

Inside my thoughts you whisper

Endlessly comforting

Never turning away



Okay, a day behind but better late than never! Day 2 of the Writing 201: Poetry course

Life’s Journey

Whilst the world is fast asleep

In my head, my thoughts must keep.

These vivid thoughts go to and fro

If I could cry, the world I’d show.

But through life’s journey, I must learn

There is no place for me to yearn.

To look beyond the path it holds

It’s not allowed, I must be bold.

I must stand still, stand tall, be strong

There is a plan, it won’t take long.