Seasons Beauty Photography

My family has always accused me of spending too much time taking photos of them, things, activities, and not enjoying the moment. I do enjoy the moments but as much as I agree with the ‘memories’ being more important, sometimes the camera can catch elements of life that you just don’t spot otherwise, those special times. It’s great to have memories but photographs are like Pandora’s Box – they can open up a world of memories and form the starting point of many conversations. They are something to reminisce about when you get old, something to show the grand children or great-grandchildren.

While this blog may not show family members, for which I take many, it will show other things I capture or attempt to capture in my life, our world.

My photography posts represent everything we’ve done at a certain time of the year and everything that we do. We generally remember things based on how we are feeling, our surroundings, the weather. At the end of the day, all photos are random pieces taken in no particular order and my blog posts will have no specific theme, so it felt right to just link them to a season with other relevant tags.

Not all the photos I post are my own, some were taken by other family members and for these I always detail it within the post.

Enjoy! 🙂

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