Lessons in Life

Do you ever wonder if some higher power has it in for you?

I’ve seen John Edward a couple of times in London and used to watch his Crossing Over shows when we still had Sky TV! John believes that all events in our lives happen for a reason, to provide a lesson, to teach or guide us. If we die before our expected time, then it’s because we’ve completed all that we can on this earth- it’s time to go!

Obviously, we do this whilst providing a lesson to others on our way. If you think about it, while you’ve finished your journey, if it ends too early, it must affect others – so there must be a connected process between someone no longer needing to be on this earth and being able to provide a lesson to our loved ones at the same time. Or, do we all naturally need to learn that same lesson? What is it – one of humility, compassion, forgiveness, guilt, love… ? I suppose their death can provide a combination of lessons for any individual. Can we be saying that a person is put on this earth solely to provide the tools of teaching another individual!

Anyway, I digress. I can’t remember why I started writing this post – let me think… hmm… ah yes

With the amount of crap that hits the fan; how things start out going well then suddenly change course unexpectedly. Do you wonder then, that maybe, there’s something you’re just not grasping through life’s lessons? Otherwise, why would it keep going wrong? Surely there’s only so much crap a person can withstand before they crack and break, or is that the lesson?! If you keep questioning your own strength then you obviously haven’t learnt the lesson that you can cope with anything or is it that we need to realise that we’re not meant to do it all alone, that we need to use the support of others? Maybe we are put here to help another; therefore, need all the crap in order to understand what another person needs in terms of understanding and support.

This leads onto the well known question ‘If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?’. Surely then, to change one aspect of our lives is likely to have a knock on effect. For example, if I didn’t go for the job at my previous employment I wouldn’t have met my husband. The children I have now wouldn’t be here, nor would we have moved to our current location as that was my husbands idea. Therefore, I wouldn’t have found the friends I’ve made since. Then again,would I have met them anyway as it was pre planned, a requirement, a destined part of my life – a need to provide each other with a friendship, to be caring, understanding and provide support?


One thought on “Lessons in Life

  1. Yes! I have felt that way many times in my life and I have rationalized it in the same manner except I haven’t met my husband yet!

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