A Trip to London: Arriving at Our Destination

When we eventually arrived at our destination, we walked out of the station, purchasing a hot sausage roll on the way out as we’d forgotten to have lunch. Hubby led the way to the hotel, finally realising after about half a mile or so we should have turned left at the previous junction instead of right – heading away from the London Eye as opposed to towards it. It was raining but we managed to get there only to find we were in the wrong hotel when we had to go over the road a little further. Why would you have two of the same hotel so close to each other!

We checked in, went to our room, unloaded our bags and had a cuppa before venturing back out. After sitting down I noticed our youngest had wet himself – something that has increased again lately – as usual, he’d not said anything. I’d remembered a change of trousers but had forgotten extra pants other than those required for the following day. Before we did anything else, including having a rest, I went into the bathroom and used the body wash to rinse them out, rung them then placed them on the back of the chair to dry in front of the heater. By this time it was almost five o’clock, getting dark, cold and pissing it down. The plan had been to go to London, have a stroll with our cameras, go on the London Eye, maybe pop into either the London Dungeon or Aquarium before getting dinner. That obviously didn’t work!

We finished our drinks, put on our shoes, established what attractions were open, then ventured back out into the rain. It was pointless going on the Eye in the rain as visibility would have been crap (limited). The London Dungeon closed at five so that left the aquarium. NO! Just as we reached the steps up to the entrance, there was a security man and a sign which read’We will be closing at 5 o’clock today for an event’.  Marvellous! Disappointment swept over all our faces as well as accusations from our eldest. What ever we do is never good enough, not liked, doesn’t want to do, rubbish… I’d obviously failed as the parent to properly plan our trip by ensuring it wasn’t raining and that all sites were open as planned. We carried on walking in the icy wind and rain. We decided to pop into the arcade next door, remembering it being a lot bigger and far better than now. Eventually we went back to the hotel for dinner which again was met with a lot of detesting, further disappointment as well as unwanted comments.

We try to ignore all the negativity as it appears to be our life at the moment but when we can never do anything right, no matter what we say or do, it becomes disheartening. It’s difficult to remain upbeat and positive when life just throws negativity in your face at every opportunity. We seem to be in a no win situation.


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