Stress: The Fun Weekend

The weekend was stressful. Thursday evening while I was messaging my mum and sisters, we established that none of us had sent nan a birthday card. Not because we’d forgotten but because we were seeing her on the evening of her birthday for a get together, only she didn’t know. There were a fair few giggles whilst we thought up excuses for when she phoned along with a few misspellings which eventually had us in fits of laughter. Eventually I decided it was best to order some flowers so that she didn’t think we’d forgotten but mum opted out saying it was best to come from the grand children and great grand children. We agreed on a budget, picked a florest, found a suitable bunch of flowers and I set about placing the order. By the time I’d finished my head was thumping and my neck in pain.

As predicted, nan phoned mum the following morning after the post had been delivered and exclaimed that she’d received no card from any of us which was unusual. Mum said she sent hers on Wednesday and it must have been something wrong with the post. I held off phoning and wishing her a happy birthday knowing I’d have to lie about sending her card but knowing she was out from midday for lunch made it easier.

Friday evening we popped to my aunt and uncles for the birthday surprise. Nan was already there when we arrived but she didn’t have a clue we were going. They’d closed the kitchen door so she was unaware of the food they’d prepared. I leant forward to give her a kiss and wish her a happy birthday and almost fell over my own feet into my cousin! She thanked me for the flowers and said they’d arrivd just before they’d left that evening to come to the house. She wondered who they were from but said as soon as she saw ‘hugs and kisses’ she knew it was me. I take it from that, that I’m the only grandchild left to fully grow-up to stop the ‘hugs and kisses’ phase, but I never will. My nan is very special to me.

Nan opened her card and chocolates, then after a while she handed me the card to spot my mistake. “Happy 80th Birthday….” What? I pulled a face. “How old am I?” she asked. Panic rushed over me – hmm surely she’s not 90! or 70!! Crap, how old is she? “err how old are you?” I asked. “I’m 85. You came to my 80th birthday party at the golf club”. Yes these are the delights of my current deteriorating memory as it consistently fails me. Even my 85 year old grandmother has a better stake on the memory chips than I do at 38!

A while later after a glass of rosΓ© I managed to mix my words and was unable to produce anything coherent, the letters were garbled. Both mum and my nan looked at the glass and said “how many have you had” with a laugh. Whilst walking into the hall to collect my bag, then upon walking back into the dining room, I managed to almost lose my balance and walk into the table. None of this was due to drink but just misguided perception of distance and balance which was obviously a little off. We left a short while after that and I was beginning to get quite tired.

Saturday started off okay but that didn’t last and suddenly went downhill fast. Our youngest didn’t want to complete his homework. It took five hours approximately of coaxing and keeping on at him. He eventually attempted his MyMaths but on more than one occasion he accidentally closed the window which doesn’t save when part of the way through a section, losing his whole attempts.. My husband had a bad head which resulted in a lack of patience and quick outbursts making things a lot worse. He wasn’t able to cope with the argumentative responses from our son and I was left trying to keep everyone in the house calm whilst trying to get home works completed. Eventually this had to be stopped but that meant the loss of computer game time for that day resulting in more tears than had already been shed.

I made Sunday a no homework day as I’d already planned a mummy & daughter day and son & daddy day. The girls went shopping and the boys stayed at home for some gaming fun. We spent a little of what we didn’t have but retail therapy now and again is required. Both children had deserved a treat for good reports and our eldest a little extra for doing well in her classes ready for the upcoming tests. The youngest got some Lego and the eldest picked a top and new shoes.

When we got home neither of the boys were in a jolly mood which led me to believe things hadn’t gone to plan. I established  that our son is heading into the teenager stage of behaviour where he is answering back or being sarcastic, which unfortunately both children get from me. However, this, hubby didn’t like because he loves his daddy son time as they are both jokers and our son thinks daddy is funny. This change in attitude gave a little battering to hubbys self esteem, especially when he struggles to interact with our daughter who has sensitivites to touch and won’t allow hugs or cuddles. For our son to suddenly be less tactile than we are used to was a bit of a blow for him.

Dinner was fraught with arguments at the dinner table, mainly between hubby and daughter and then I had to contend with an hour of crying on our bed while she told me all her problems – always being the one to get into trouble, everything is always her fault, son never gets told off, she doesn’t like daddy, he doesn’t like her, children at school are horrible, they pick on her size, call her twig legs etc…and she wants more attention and can’t help being sarcastic.This went on for a long while and all I could do was console, calm, try and explain certain situations and even give example of my own school experience – explaining how children are, in general, and that most experience the same thing but don’t realise they are all hurting the same. Eventually I was allowed back down stairs to relax for an hour before bed.

Such a relaxing weekend full of enjoyment. Heres to the next one 🍷



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