A fabric woven to mask our soul, hiding the pains of despair. Allowing us comfort in each other’s arms, touching and showing we care. A warmth in our hearts, surrounded by love; we caress, we fondle, we kiss. Deep in our core, beneath all the scars, our loving provides us with bliss.

This is my day three attempt at Writing 201: Poetry course that for day three is linked to skin, prose and internal rhyme. I found this one difficult as I wanted to include my understanding of skin but drew a blank when it came to writing something.


4 thoughts on “Skin

  1. It’s very evocative…makes one FEEL the sensations you’re trying to portray. If I had one critique though, it would be to write it out with “despair” and “care” as two separate lines, and “kiss” and “bliss” as the last two…making the piece four separate lines, if that makes sense? It’s lovely though.

  2. The instructions that day, I agree, were difficult to interpret. You have handled it well, however, I agree. The relationship between “mask,” and “core,” you have nicely interpreted.

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