Out of Control

I put some papers in the back of the car on one of the child car seats; next thing I’m driving. Our daughter is about 2 years old in the back with someone else, my brother-in-law (I think), with my husband to my side in the passenger seat. We are driving between warehouse units when up in front I suddenly see that it is a dead end, a river. The road comes to an end with the river bank built as concrete sides, similar to the sides of a dock. I tried to brake, but it all happened too quickly, although, in slow motion. The car is slowing down but it is not stopping, instead it skates over the edge and lands with a gentle splash in the river.

I expected the car to sink quickly but it didn’t, it bobbed up and down as it calmed to a stop. I told the others to unbuckle while I was undoing our daughters car seat, fumbling with the buckle. At the start I was leaning around and over the back of the drivers seat, but then I was the rear passenger whilst still being in the front; there were two of me! The others didn’t move so I told them again that it was time to get out before the car sank. The car started to tip forward and dive, water seeping in faster. The others didn’t unbuckle, it was as if they wanted to go down with the car which only enhanced my feeling of helplessness. I could feel the uncontrollable fear inside, the panic as I quickly told them again, it was now or never as forced the rear door open. The water gushed in as I tried to push our daughter out and up, but she was too small so I held her and swam up as the car sank beneath me.

We popped out through the surface and I swam to the edge where a man wearing a baseball cap, a beard and chewing tobacco, was fishing with his son – they just sat and watched! The man came up close to the edge and put his face next to mine, tilting his head, looking into my eyes as if trying to scare me. I placed our daughter on a industrial sized can that was cemented into the sides of the river bank and turned, but the others weren’t there, they weren’t out. My husband can’t swim!!
I swam out a little but it was too murky, I couldn’t see, I didn’t have enough air and I started to panic, I needed to find my husband. As I came back up for air our daughter was back in the water floundering to stay afloat; she didn’t want me to leave her. I couldn’t search for my husband and hold her, I tried to put her back but she climbed back in, unable to swim. All the time, my mind was aware that they were drowning and time was running out! Panic and fear took over my body when they suddenly surfaced and I woke up.


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