Gob Stopper Hell

I got into a nice large bed with a red quilt, the room was red, a largish tv on the wall across from the foot of the bed. The ghost quickly pulled my blanket up to my neck, making me cosy. A few other things happened with similar niceties that I can’t quite remember. They wanted me to watch a film or something.
I can’t remember how I got to the gob stopper shaped balls with string hanging from under the bed towards the headboard, however, I do remember ripping up the mattress to find hundreds of different coloured gob stoppers, marbles, beads… all with white string hanging or lying on the carpet. I was confused, scared; I didn’t know what they were for, what was going on. I shouted ‘what are you doing with these..’

Didn’t get to finish or find out. I’d obviously been making a noise as M woke me up, cuddling into me!


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