Odd One Out

We lived in a mansion, large steps leading to the front door with a large gravel drive. It was something like the houses from ‘Pride and Prejudice’, but inside, it was exactly the same as our current house!

Our daughter and I were getting ready to go out with some friends she’d invited. One turned up while we were still getting our coat and shoes on. She didn’t open the door, just shouted through it. Then she popped upstairs to tell me her other friend had arrived, but they had brought their friend with them. Eventually we walked downstairs and I asked her why she hadn’t opened the door to greet them, it was rude, but she just shouted through it, ‘just getting our coats on’. I opened the door as I walked past to show we were in and just coming, as I briskly walked into the kitchen to rinse my fingers.

I realised there were too many people to fit in the car so told her to tell the girls and see if the could work out a solution. How are we getting to the cinema with extra people? Looking back now, we had enough seats but in the dream, we didn’t. She came back and said they were all getting into an Irish kids car and going off. I ran out and caught them before they left. the Irish kid (looked like a Jedwood) told me ‘they don’t want to hang with you, they want to come with me, you can’t force them to do something they don’t want’. I ran round to the other side of the car but they wouldn’t open the window so I shouted through. I can’t remember what I said, something to do with how they were going off and leaving our daughter alone and were they really okay with that, but the girl just looked at me and shrugged, disappointment, sadness and anger filling my body.

They drove off with a screech and I was left to tell her, alone!

I woke up


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