The Great Fall

We look out over the balcony of our apartment building. Us and our neighbour have platform parking spaces with both cars parked on the ramps. Think car service ramps but completely flat surface instead of just a run for each wheel! There is a walkway from the flat (it’s changed from a low rise apartment to a high rise flat and the walkway is from the flat itself, high up in the sky – floating ramps)

We are talking about our cars when I mention the tiny bubble car the neighbour has. I don’t just look out at it, it’s like a movie where the camera moves out to look around it.

The platforms are separated by a fair distance – you’d have to jump to get across, but I wouldn’t take a chance at that height!

Suddenly I think of our son, I can’t remember if he wants to see their car but either way he comes running from their pathway. There is a young lady cleaning the side of the car. Fear and panic set in as I realise what’s about to happen. He’s younger than he is now, he won’t know to stop, he’ll keep running, thinking that the platforms are joined. I call out, we all call out telling him to stop. The girl tries to grab him, she misses his arm, he giggles and keeps going. I shout out that if they don’t catch him, he’ll fall.

I watch as he runs off the edge, my heart pounding, suddenly sinking with nothing I can do other than watch his face at the shock of falling, his arms and legs flail out grasping at air! I don’t hear any screams, just my heart and racing thoughts that I’m about to lose him!

It’s a long way down.

As I watch, I expect him to splatter but he doesn’t. He falls at a slight angle as a breeze blows him over towards a lift where he lands inside on his back. A lady picks him up as I rush down and quickly lay him back down – she shouldn’t have picked him up, he will be broken. I cuddle him and tell my husband as he runs in ‘he’ll need an operation but is unlikely to survive’. My throat cramping as I try to choke back the tears and emotion.

I woke up…


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