A Casual Kidnapping

We were in an American style restaurant, similar to the diner in Hollywood Studios ABC Comm…, but we’ve been kidnapped, a group of us, a family including mum although not mum!
At first we are outside: he has us up against the wall, takes off our blind fold and untied our wrists. We’re allowed inside to roam free, however this restaurant is active. We find a quiet spot along a sloping walkway that has soft seated booths as well as large tables which I tell my friend we should sit at in case others want to join us. Why we don’t ask for help I don’t know! I can feel the apprehension but also a little at ease. He’s going to take the three boys out the back on a journey. They have their wrists tied but whilst waiting for him, they find chalk in their pocket and draw ‘HELP’ on the wall in big letters with one boy standing on the others shoulders – it can be seen from the road. I’m waiting in the open near the road in case anyone drives in, but the man comes out. He sees the word however ignores it and piles the boys into his Cadillac style car which they drive off in: but the man is still there! He asks where the little girl is; she’s very good at not being found other than by another girl about 10, but I don’t know their names, even though we all know each other. I tell him to remain calm, she’ll find her…

I woke up!


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