The Flying Chimpanzees

It started off with me being in an old maths classroom from secondary school, although I’m now an adult. I sit in various positions with thoughts about the teacher and how he teaches the class. However MS is also there and at one point he has his hand down my top but I’m not attracted to him so it doesn’t make sense!

It jumps to a house in the country; a house I’ve not been in or seen before, but it’s apparently our home. Overhead there are planes coming towards us. I’d recently been up a ladder in the hall looking into a side wall flap that leads into the loft which was more like a low roofed tat storeroom. It was stacked with shelves along the edges and in the middle.
We’re in the garden when the planes fly over, I think I’m hanging washing on a line which I haven’t got at home. Above, with the planes is a flying bomb shaped red glider with a tail parachute style thing trailing behind it (another of my technical descriptions for what I don’t understand). As it gets nearer I notice it’s getting lower and lower. Just as it reaches the house it suddenly dives and crashes out of sight on the opposite side of our roof. I rush to the loft but I’m apprehensive of opening the tiny hatch. Eventually I pluck up courage with M beside me and take a sneak peek inside. There is a huge hole in the roof with the glider plane/bomb partly showing through, however, there in front is a chimpanzee and an older, bigger chimp in a headdress (similar to Madagascar 3!).
They were in or flying the plane; how I don’t know as they can’t fit in it, but as I’ve said before: these things never make sense do they?!?
I quickly close the hatch which has popped out slightly as it’s not hinged and no longer fits the hole properly. I panic and we quickly run as the chimps had seen me…

I woke up!


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