Spider Infestation and the Hospital Drama

There were hundreds of marble sized black spiders which resembled marbles with sharp teeth and bug eyes, trying to invade my skin. I’m not sure why, but I’d been lying on the floor near the bedroom door which was in another house other than ours and I was trying to look under it. It appeared to be two doors next to each other but separated by a door frame. I think that’s where they came from but I’m never sure of anything I remember. I’m always piecing together thoughts!
I stood there with a couple of others, trying to briskly brush them off, some being rather stubborn in their attachment but with persistence all were removed. However, on closer inspection there were swirls and patches on my body similar to ringworm!
We managed to ascertain the lights attracted them under the door and through the cracks in the walls, so it was decided to keep the lights off. Although there was light penetrating from under the door from the next room allowing limited visibility where we stood. It didn’t work, we had to seal the windows and doors, smothering the gap under the door with rolled up newspaper, yet I struggled to fill the gaps. It was as if, the gap didn’t want to be filled!

The scene jumps to a garden: a mixture of our old garden combined with the neighbours with no fencing. From the door there was a small decking leading to a bedding area covered with pebbles and then an extension at the end which did appear to be fenced, a small decking with a gate sized entrance seating a couple of people which appeared to belong to the neighbours.

The building suddenly turned into a large hospital of mid 70s design and fire-escape stairs to the back. I’m facing the back and toilets are near the stairs. I’m watching at a distance whilst
three people (2 male, 1 pregnant female) race up the stairs as I play music, drumming with my hands. I’m not using the floor and there are no drums, however, somehow I manage to replicate the sound of bongos.
The men reach the top first and the lady struggles, panting and needing assistance getting back down.

Again, the scene changes, yet not too far. The toilet is needed so I enter the stairwell which is situated inside the hospital in a different section from before. As I’m in the stairwell, already a flight or two up, a lady is coming up. I notice because this is where I was about to relieve myself, not in a toilet! I walk through the door quickly and to the left, walking out from the stairs, next to the stairwell (why not go there in the first place?!?) is a toilet.
I walk into a room and in the door of the cubicle is a disabled contraption similar to those seen to lower disabled people into water; I move it and force my way in, struggling to close the door behind me. The lady from the stairs is outside talking to someone about not breaking a chair…? It’s cut off, I didn’t hear but in my mind it was about not breaking the chair I’d just struggled to move.

Strangely the toilet I’m sitting on is no longer inside a cubicle, it appears to be in the ladies office. We’re guessing what she wants, what she does for a living, why she’s in the office? I’m third party to their conversation, butting in with my opinion ‘shes an associate director temp… shes no longer needed, the temporary position doesn’t exist’. She was outside when she came asking if we knew the other woman sitting in her chair. The lady in her chair, just to my right, behind the contraption, was Bunny with a blood red birthmark across the left side of face. The actress from Paradise at Top of the Lake, at least she was to look at!

I woke up.


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