Diamonds are Forever

Last night: I don’t remember too much, however, what I do remember is a little disturbing. I’m not sure on some of the abbreviations but you’ll have to go with me here. Whilst a short story, it was very powerful!

I remember being with M in a car about to show him a good time when the door of the car in front opened. It was my step-dads dad! He came over and started talking to me through the window I’d wound down as he came towards our car. He told us we shouldn’t be ringing him whilst having a BJ or diamond hand shake!!!

I have no idea what this dream represents and to be honest, I don’t think I want to!

A small bit of the dream before that was me helping a new teacher at school and at some point she tells me they need a new LSA and there I have it, a job ready-made for me!


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