We were at school and A came in and told me she had been busy with a party or two and hadn’t had a chance to reply to my email. I brushed it off and carried on setting up the tables and clearing things. The events changed quickly: I was sitting on a folded new duvet, half packaged in paper with the tag still attached. I suddenly realised a feeling of being wet and looked down to see I’d made the blanket wet; a watery liquid tinged a slight red! I tried to get it into a washing machine without being seen, yet I don’t recall trying to remove the paper or tag, however I do remember trying to open it so that it washed properly.

I’m not sure in what order the following events happened but the order I’ve typed seem to make the most sense!

I needed to get to a toilet without being seen, I tried to get to the toilets across the walkway that happened to turn into a large space similar to an airport. I walked across the floor, weaving in and out of passengers without being seen, hoping nothing could be seen through or on my clothing?

Things jumped: I needed to leave school earlier than the rest and I did so without saying goodbye to any of them, including A. I couldn’t get my car to start, I remember trying and trying as A and others drew nearer. They ended up leaving with a few piled into her car, driving down the high street near my mums and I just managed to get my car going to follow (at speed to catch up) behind them. I lost them as I turned into a side road that suddenly turned into a different road!

Not sure I remember much else. I know I dreamt before this and can recall being told nan had died and feeling the odd emotions, however I feel as though I’ve had that dream another time during the past week and only just remembering.


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