On the Run From What?

I was at my mums house, although it had changed slightly to accomodate the needs of a school. As I was leaving, a young man came down the stairs; he stopped me and I could see he wanted to tell me something or kiss me! He didn’t, so I left, but contemplated turning back and running towards him for that kiss!

I walked along the road about to cross at the zebra crossing near the junction of the high street around the corner from mums, when cars with drivers who were racist (racist against what I dont know, but these things arent always meant to make sense are they?), trying to swerve onto the pavement to run me over. I crossed and then headed towards the middle crossing, crossing the high street, but it turned into the A1306 junction near the Ship and Shovel heading towards Barking. There were children on bikes who were trying to ram into me but I jumped in behind the railings at the crossing. They hovered but in front was an undercover policeman who I tried to attract attention and persuade to tell them to go. He did nothing and on closer inspection the boys were young and black; one was rather cute, so I ruffled his hair and they seemed to be okay after that, so I kept walking.

I came to a bridge that I had to climb. It was more like a building as I was unable to pass under it, yet it reminded me of an old electricity/pump room that we had in the local park near to where I’d lived. I started to climb, however, to get down I fell into it, inside a section that was also outside. I met two young girls climbing the other side but neither of us could get down, it was too hard. I found a service lift that led into a car park section within – it doesn’t make sense! We all got in the lift and the girls worried, they didn’t think the lift would stop: it seemed to be twisting on the way down as if we were falling, but it slowed to a stop. When we got out of the lift I checked to the right where there was an entrance type walkway, but a man was unloading something from a trolley into his room. He saw me and I ran, we all ran.
All of a sudden he was three! They caught us and I punched one of them, in the mean time the other two had tied the other two girls fingers together, not their hands! One of the men was suddenly painting the wall and the other had disappeared so I went into the office room to hit him but he had a syringe ready to paralyse me. I managed to turn it round using my strength to move his arm and take the syringe which I injected him with. I ran out and untied the girls fingers while the man hobbled out from his office in our direction. I injected the rest of the liquid from the syringe into the other two triplets before we made our getaway.

I woke up.


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