The Sock Dump

My dads side of the family came to stay. We half tidied the bathroom, which by that I mean it wasn’t sparkling but it was clean. However when people went in to use it, J especially, it was filthy. 😱 Stains around the toilet, nappies and sanitary items lying around, dust/dirt & grime. I tried to defend myself. Why i was even in there with her i dont know! Even when I flushed the toilet I got soaked: it was a huge water spray like a sprinkler coming up and out all over me. J passed it off as not mattering but her upbringing was slightly more upper cut than mine, in a better area. We all stood in the hall discussing those who’d been in there and who hadn’t; as if we should be worried about what they thought. A very old work colleague Laura! was apparently there, her stuff at the table but she was upstairs – it had turned from a family meal into a small gathering of people, some I didn’t know.

Incidentally this wasn’t my home, it was a house in my dream, not one I’ve seen before.

When they walked off, I tried to sneak back into the bathroom to reclean, having the feeling that if others saw it as sparkling, it would detract from the horrible state and balance it out, making everything alright again. P went in while I was trying to reclean but I think mainly because J had sent him to see how appalling it was.

After, she asked if we should have a sock dump at the end of the evening, so we can clean the dirty socks of those who had to walk in there!!!

That’s all I remember 😳


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