A Warm Embrace


The embers crackle as the heat rips into the core,
flames lick the edges of the chimney,
the black soot soaking into the walls,
it peels and floats in the vacuum of warm air.

Hot, the coals glow red and orange like a furnace,
images of lava pouring from the grate ensue,
flames die back leaving a distinct sound,
cracking and creaking deep inside the plate.

Heat radiates, stretching the depths of the room
engulfing my face, my body.
It’s like a warm blanket smothering, protecting,
alive, it’s hugging with gentle wisps.

I want to snuggle into its grasp,
holding it closer, enjoying its embrace,
soon it will fade and the emptiness
will once again engulf.

by Jamie Masq


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