No More Please

I’ve realised I’m not cut out for daily blogging – at least not in the sense where I give a written post. I created my blog to express my thoughts, feelings, photography and anything extra that’s cropped up since. Trying to join in with the NaBloPoMo is additional work or thought that I don’t need and am too tired to stress over. Unless I think of something imaginative to post about tomorrow, I feel that I should bow my head and slowly, gently, withdraw from the months challange with grace.


4 thoughts on “No More Please

  1. I hear ya. Sometimes it’s about quality though, and not quantity. I don’t think I could ever see myself accepting a challenge like this. For one, I really am not a writer, and for two I am way too unfocussed in my life to be able to sit down and write something new every day and try to make it sound interesting…

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