Ten Things I want to Do Before the End of Next Year!

1. Knit a very thick wool blanket

2. Use the new vacuum washer that we purchased months ago and wash the carpets in the house

3. Knit a jumper in relatively thick wool but with a complex run

4. Cross stitch new pillow covers for our dining room table chairs, replacing the worn ones that are fraying and coming apart.

5. Decorate my bedroom in Egyptian grey and a mild wine red (might make me feel more drunk on life)

6. Change the toilet seat and cover to something that is easy to wash and isn’t quick to stain

7. Knit a Scarf – multi-coloured

8. Buy more fish for our Biorb tank, giving our lonely clown fish some well earned company

9. Grow some Pumpkins

10. Read a minimum of one book a month not including my course work books but they can be books for my course


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