Psychology with a Slow Processor

Today has been a strange old day; a tired head, lethargic body and no real brain power. I’ve put this down to going to bed at 4am on Monday night/Tuesday morning! Silly, I know, yet it was required due to my own procrastination.

Procrastination: that’s a funny old word isn’t it, yet it is something most of us are guilty of, some more than others and for me, I can crown myself queen.

Since May of this year I have been studying my first course in Psychology. This isn’t just the first sub course of my planned degree but my first psychology course ever; I haven’t studied it as a GCSE or A Level and have no background or experience in the subject. My only drive is my passion and fascination with the way the brain, mind and body works and all things to do with children and special needs.

For the next three to four years I will be studying course after course in an attempt to gain a 2:2 or higher; I’d love to get a 1:1 and I’ll aim for the best I can achieve but in order to become a member of the Psychology board, I need to get a 2:2 minimum.

I wasn’t sure how I’d get on with this course but I surprised myself with the amount of interest I actually had in the topics it covered. I thought that maybe there would be something that I’d switch off on, but it’s everything I love and I want to do well. My only down fall in all of this, is that psychology is based a lot on research, analysing, reporting and the main issue – essay writing.

You may have read in an older post that I have low reading and comprehension ability, so it takes a little longer than most to read all the text; then I have trouble processing information into a coherent bundle to write up. I’ve managed so far to get grades between 65-75 for my first attempts and luckily this first course doesn’t count towards my grade for the degree but it is a valuable learning tool to see me ready for the level two and three that will be counted. I got a high score on my computer marked assignment but I have to wait approx two months before I find out how I did on my main assignment. The final assignment is never marked by the tutor but by an assessor of the exam board who usually grade lower than you would get from a tutor; why, I don’t know because you should be graded in the same way by all to ensure consistency in learning!

So, here I am, trying to relax for a few months before my next course starts, but now that I don’t need to study, I’m reading everything I should have read while I was doing my course! All the extra material that help build your knowledge. I’m not saying I shouldn’t read it now, I should and it will hold me in good stead for the future.

What I find intriguing is that procrastination is a funny thing that pops in a and out when it pleases.


2 thoughts on “Psychology with a Slow Processor

  1. Ooh, exciting! I look forward to reading about the things you learn in class.

    I absolutely love Psychology. I didn’t realize how much until my husband made this look when I was talking about something I read on a gossip blog and I said, “It’s just that I find the comments so interesting! To see how people react to this, how their minds work! It’s not about the gossip.”

    • I’m learning the basics with a little dip into various researchers. I’m a little apprehensive on blogging on exactly what I’m learning as I’m scared of giving too much which is frowned upon by the university gods, but I suppose I have to learn to write in a way that doesn’t do that – after all, that’s what half the papers are anyway, findings and re-writings.

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