Courthouse Battle Sees First Male Win


1965, Wednesday, May 19th

20121106-210113.jpg Photo by Emit Johansson

Courthouse Battle Sees First Male Win

The Jackson’s are no ordinary family; following a lengthy eighteen month battle, Mr Jacob Jackson has been awarded custody of his two children: Isobella 3 and Nathaniel 5. Mr Jackson won against his estranged wife Jennifer following multiple counts of abuse and attempted suicide.

Late on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Jackson met with his children who had been held in the SISCO Care Institute following allegations that Mrs Jackson had attempted to kill both her children and then herself. Mrs Jackson now held in a SISCO Mental Institute pending psychoanalysis and treatment, was found by Mr Jackson holding both children in her arms, rocking back and forth softly singing while she waited for the overdose of pills to start working. According to the medical notes read out in court yesterday, Mr Jackson had managed to get both children to hospital just in time. They received urgent medical attention that included their stomachs being pumped with chalk to soak up the medication. The Physician in the courthouse said that both children had been lucky that the pills had not digested and absorbed into their system. He was stated as saying ‘twenty minutes or so more and those children would have suffered organ damage leading to death!’.

Mrs Jackson was unable to comment but her Lawyers had accused Mr Jackson of verbal and physical abuse which had been denied. The Psychologists treating Mrs Jackson have stated that her mental condition is irrational and with no physical signs of abuse confirm their understanding of the allegations to be the result of her mental condition and a complete fabrication of events.

Both children were reported to be in relatively good health with only mild side effects affecting the youngest, Isobella, who is said to be making steady progress and should make a full recovery. Both children are currently under the watchful eye of SISCO Social Services and are attending weekly emotional therapy to ensure no lasting mental issues remain.

Mr Jackson has been reported to suffer from nightmares, waking up in the early hours in a cold sweat; but these have said to be improving with medication and hard work.

The family were reunited later this afternoon when the judge awarded Mr Jackson full custody with Mrs Jackson receiving one day, supervised visitation rights following her release from the S.F.M.I which is expected to be later this year.

Mr Jackson’s attorney said in a statement “My client is currently discussing care plans with the care services but is very happy with the decision and excited to be taking his children home tonight”

Story by Jamie Masq

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words – (not literally!)

Please note: this is a work of fiction for the above challenge which you can find by clicking on the below link.

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