Why So Serious?

Why are your blog posts always so negative? What’s wrong with posting a little fun, happiness, excitement, enjoyment – where’s your enthusiasm for life?

Ah, well you see dear reader(s), my life is a mixed bag of all sorts, mainly Bassett, but it does contain a few jumping beans, fizzes and the odd flump.

If you read my About page you will see that I post in many different sections and categories. My posts are guided by the theme in which they were created and are there for me to:

  1. Express myself artistically – maybe entertaining you on the way with things such as poetry or photography
  2. Allow my random thoughts to explode into the world from within – sometimes providing further insight into my erratic thought process that doesn’t always make sense until I’ve embarrassed myself in front of the world (you, the reader!)
  3. Stress relief.

As I previously said in my post Like, Comment, Follow, people blog for different reasons and some of those are to interact with others around the world. I blog, mainly, to de-stress whilst taking advantage of this portal that allows me to share some of my interests as well.

Over the next month I will be posting daily for NaBloPoMo which will be separate to my daily photography, poems or design posts. For those of you who follow me already, you’ll know that I don’t post regularly in written form so it will be interesting to see what I can conjure up!

So dear reader(s), if you like some of my posts and not others, preferring photography or creative writing over stress, or want to enjoy NaBloPoMo – click follow, turn off email notification and then every now and again, pop to my blog and use the headings at the top to skip those areas you find depressing or too negative. I believe there’s enough for everyone to appreciate.


3 thoughts on “Why So Serious?

  1. I think its your blog, post what you want, dark, light, in between. Words, photos, poems etc. I don’t know if your posts are ALWAYS negative. Perhaps that is in the eyes of the reader. Everyone has the option to not read or not follow. Seems to me that’s the best option if one wants to take it…why bother with the negative criticism?

    • Yes indeed, I do agree, but I was trying to be a little more positive and inviting rather than my usual blunt self of ‘like it or lump it’ 🙂
      However, some would argue that if you post something for the world to see, then you should on occasions expect some kind of riposte. Obviously that’s not my intent so I was pre-emptying any nit-picker whilst leaving the door open for everyone to enjoy 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by my blog 😀

      • Of course you’re going to get comments, even criticism when you post a public blog. But as in all things, you can take it or leave it. If you’re in the mood to write something dark or not fluffy, then so be it. I’m not sure its appropriate to write happy bright pieces if you’re not “feeling it”.

        The dark pieces are just as inviting as the light pieces. We have both sides within us, don’t we? Perhaps there’s a valid point in not writing only the same types of posts, if not for ones own practice in writing different genres.

        Since I’m sarcastic by nature, if someone “invited me” to write happy stuff I’d invite them to run off to FB since everyone on FB only posts fluffy, happy I-love-my-life and look-at-all-the-wonderful-friends I have to go with me to the wonderful places I visit all the time….lol!

        The wonder of blogging..there’s something for everyone in every mood. Just use the search box!

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