Being Me

I already know what people say about me. I don’t like it yet over time I’ve come to adapt that persona and even note it within the details of who I am or what I’m like – its become my humour and my shield, my mask of protection.

When people first meet me I’m quiet, reserved, rarely smile, stand back, listen intently and observe. As they start to penetrate the first layer and work through some others they find I’m hard, blunt, mix irony with sarcasm, rude, (some say a b*tch), direct and to the point. Yet underneath, deep inside, which most rarely see until they really get to know me and gain my trust, is a very soft, empathic, intuitive, observant, kind, trustworthy, fair, patient person with feelings.

So, what’s the one thing I hope people never say about me?

I learnt a long time ago to not care, I know who I am. The people who are dear to me know who I am and what I’m capable of giving.

I can have my off days and feel sorry for myself, have many thoughts which I will blog about but deep down, I know, I adapt to life’s situations and do what I think is right.

You can only be you and I can only be me!

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