Millennium Bridge



7 thoughts on “Millennium Bridge

  1. G’day I have just read your long….. comment on DP post about comments, wow, well the one thing I would like to reply about is loading pics. I have been blogging about 3 years and early on I was told by the good people at WP that it is a very good idea to downsize your photos before loading them into your post.

    • Thank you pommepal – I’ll start using my laptop again and batch resize the pics before loading. For a while now, just for convenience, I have been grabbing them quickly at night from the server so have left them as super sized 😳

      • Yes it does speed every thing up, but is time consuming…
        Love your little moving smiley..
        Thanks for coming round and following our journey

    • Mr SB took this photo a couple of weeks back but I edited it very quickly on iPhoto on my iPad. Its very handy for posting quick pics when I run out of time at the end of the day – hence some late night posting!
      Thanks for looking 🙂

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