Reviewing the IEP

Sunday 12 June 2011

Our sons IEP (individual education plan) has been the same for the last year; two objectives that are quite broad in area and not being met or achieved.

These objectives are:
1. To get dressed quickly – put clothes in order and follow the pictures.
2. To complete a piece of work on his own – listen to the task, repeat it to an adult, complete the task and work towards the reward.

We need to change these goals so that they are achievable but I don’t know what should replace them. As you have all probably read by now (if not, then go check out my pages, there is lots of info in different sections to piece together about me and our life. We’ll be here waiting) our son has Autism but high functioning with bad attention and sensory issues to sound, temperature etc. which affect him daily. So while these objectives might seem like something to work on because he needs to learn, he can in fact do them, he just has trouble with the sensory side of life which I’m sure as he gets older he’ll learn to cope with, I hope!

Should we keep the ‘getting changed’ task on the IEP but maybe break it down into chunks so that only the bottom half needs to be achieved first? Do we replace them with more academic type objectives, such as, reach reading level 5 by July, learn 6 x table by end of term?

What kind of things do you have on your IEP?

At the moment the IEP seems a pointless exercise, but as we are on the path for Statement assessment, we really need to work this out.

I’ve been told that the IEPs need to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, recordable/relevant and time-bound). For example task 1 should have a time frame to achieve rather than the basic ‘quickly’ along with the help he will receive from a teacher or support assistant and maybe the reward. However, a mixed response on the academic targets; if a child doesn’t have any issues in that area then the IEP is only going to show issue relating to social/self-help skills!

There are a lot of things to learn regarding IEPs and how each person believes the system works.


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