Olu Deniz

My husband took this photo while we were paragliding from Babadag at an altitude of approx 6,500 metres. Luckily he had taken the camera and not me because I suffered from motion sickness following all the twisting and turning close to the mountains edge before we’d made it out to ‘coast’

I would highly recommend it; although if you do suffer from sickness, maybe close your eyes until you are out far enough from the mountains edge.


2 thoughts on “Olu Deniz

    • Hey 🙂

      And me.. I was up there too, I just had to close my eyes a lot 😉

      Thanks for the comment. It really isn’t as scary as it might seem when you try it. You don’t just jump off a cliff, you run from a way back and you just get swept up. With the suit you wear and the para harness, you really don’t feel like you’re left dangling in the air.

      The worst Part was the journey up: on a dirt track with a very close wheel drop and a driver who drove with no care in the world.

      Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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