April Fool

Last week at school I was asked if I’d used the photocopier before. I smiled with a quick thought of ‘are you kidding me’, I said “yes” and then wanted to tell them ‘do you know who I am? do you not know where I’ve been working all these years!?!’

Up until November last year I’d worked in the Direct Mail, Print Industry; working my way up and through the company almost two decades, slogging my guts with the greatest enthusiasm and determination. Working in mono laser, inkjet, litho and colour digital print, on top of basic feed, OMR and barcode intelligent enclosing machines. I knew how photocopiers worked – at least, I used to!

I went to the photocopier and laid the sheet face down in the sheet feeder, I couldn’t remember which way up I was supposed to put it and couldn’t see the sheet sign that told me which way to face it, so I guessed.

Almost six months I’ve been out of employment, six months for my brain to switch off and turn to mush, to forget the paper should face up to feed around the roller to land face down on the glass to copy, six months to make myself look a fool and feel like an idiot.

I’m so glad the thought of ‘do you know where I’ve been’ was just that, a thought. How embarrassed would I have felt compared to my own belittling!


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