Understanding Extreme Love

Following on from my earlier post Louis Theroux, I’ve skim read a forum thread on the title ‘Louis Theroux – Extreme Love: Autism’.
Parents of children with Autism and other special needs don’t like the title!

I don’t get it?

Can someone please explain it to me?

This is a two-part documentary on Autism and Dementia showing a school and families who struggle with the day-to-day life. I won’t discuss the dementia documentary but if we look at the Autism one: its supposed to depict the life of families struggling to cope, dealing with and providing care for a child or children who are on the Autism Spectrum and a school that provides a great deal of support and therapies. Its to highlight the additional care and love we give to our children, even through the stress, heartache and worries that it produces.

Lets look at another word for extreme: great, exceptional, intense, excessive, maximum.

Whats wrong with the title? Extreme love – say it ‘Extreme Love’ – do you not provide a lot of care and show extreme love to your child with special needs?


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