Speaking to the Dead

I love the idea of ghosts and would love to be able to talk to relatives or friends who have died via someone such as the acclaimed clairvoyant/psychic John Edwards. I can’t see this happening, I’d like it more for my own proof and satisfaction than need; although it would be nice to be told by my grandfather that he was okay dying in a hospital bed on his own without relatives at his side.
I like to think he waited for us all to be at peace with his passing by saying our goodbyes and then once we’d left, felt comfortable to die without leaving too much loss to us all. I also want to be told that he knew we were there, who we were and that he didn’t feel too invaded by the staff and his lack of bodily control and was made to feel comfortable and pain free.
I’d especially like my other grandfather to tell me that I wouldn’t have been able to save him when he had his heart-attack whilst alone caravanning with my grandmother. He was apparently already gone when the ambulance crew arrived and the neighbouring van had completed CPR to help keep his heart pumping while they waited, but you always have that niggling doubt in the back of your mind “if I was there, could I have done anything different?”.

If you read John Edwards books he says that they are around, not watching your every move but see what we want them to see. It would be good to know that they see what life has thrown at us, how we’ve coped and know that they are proud of who we’ve become. That they agree with the path we’ve chosen and approve of our decisions.

My grandfather thought I was gay – I wasn’t a girly girl but a tomboy who didn’t have a boyfriend and showed little interest in them other than to roll around in the dirt with. I’m now married with two children, does he see that? I didn’t go to University like I’d planned and ended up working somewhere that, as much as I enjoyed it while there, took away almost two decades of my life, draining me of all that I had and abusing my ability, trust and loyalty – could they see that? Was that part of my character building needed for the tough times that lay ahead?

What do you think about the paranormal, talking to the dead?
What would you say to them, what would you like to be told?


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