Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

There was a huge amount of regret for the meal we chose to cook for a birthday party.

Salmon prepared with lemon, herbs, salt and pepper: wrapped in layers of newspaper and soaked for half an hour before being cooked slowly on a charcoal barbeque for a family celebration of 18 people!

When I woke up in the morning, I went into the bathroom to wash and when I turned on the taps there was no water. Can you imagine no water to wash, prepare your food which requires water to soak plus clean surfaces – especially with fish! Then there is the toilet flushing and general hygiene need with that many guests.

We still had the salmon amongst other items but I had to rush to buy a case of bottled water from our local village shop (without being washed – a babywipe came in handy) and our family turned up with Jerry Cans full of water just in case. Luckliy, the water pipe in the village that had burst was re-routed within an hour of our guests arriving so we didn’t need much of their water in the end and fun was had by all.


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