Do it MY Way!

04 December 2011

My son and daughter are playing Star Wars on the XBox, she is telling him what to do and he is okay with this to start with but then she takes over, even when he’s exclaimed he isn’t doing it. She carries on until he snaps and stomps, stamps and screams at her that he ISN’T doing it her way and he can make his own decisions. I have to intervene and tell them to take five minutes apart.

You’re probably thinking ‘Why didn’t you break them up sooner?’, well, I was upstairs and this escalated extremely quickly (as their outbursts usually do) and I can’t jump over my bed and down the stairs that quickly and neither do I want to ‘each’ time they react with each other. I’m trying to keep a little balance without being in their way, but I also like to take advantage of those rare occasions when they are occupied with something leaving me alone for a while!

Later she is making film club cards ready for Christmas film fest – we have all written films we want to watch for Christmas and then we have pulled them out of a tub and we’re going to watch them – two per weekend until Christmas. Our son tells her what nickname to use and she ignores him and uses the one we use the most. He wants another that I use for him and snaps again, so I have to explain to her that I do actually use the nickname, although not often.

She’s then decided a special logo was required on all cards to guarantee them on our way into the living room. He doesn’t want the logo but she adds it anyway and he tells her he will cross it out – he doesn’t, instead he rips it!

This is all I wrote for that day, you can imagine how the rest of the day went – this was written early afternoon and the arguments carried on into the evening until it was time to watch their weekend bedtime film. I love bedtime, even though it takes about 1-2 hours to actually get them to bed to sleep, its then my down time before I have to check his pull-ups are still on and he’s got a cover etc.. you know how it is.


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