Your Direction

28th November 2011

Apart from last week when our son was very ‘tactile‘ (as his teacher called it), wanting to lean all over the teaching assistant who wasn’t used to this side of him and didn’t know what to do with herself, he has started eating his top again. He put three holes in his top that following investigation we established he had done using a pencil. He was pushing and pulling on me when we walked, directing my path or dragging on my arm and requesting a carry. I should point out that he is seven years and if a neurotypical child he wouldn’t need carrying nor a parent even consider it, yet I resort now to piggy-back rides in time of need.

We are rarely out of school before 15:30 and today I had to go into school to find him. He was still in class but his teacher and another parent were standing in the doorway talking, they saw me but didn’t move so I had to wait for ten minutes so that I could rescue my son from his classroom! Eventually I got in class to help and I found he had no socks on – he’d accidentally dropped them in a wet patch during swimming this morning (spare socks are now required, in case)

On the way out of school he was joking and pushing me in circles, this is something he does occasionally some days more than others. Once out of the playground he was pushing and pulling me, directing me in zig zag paths yet a little sensitive if it wasn’t going his way. Once we were in the village shop he plodded along slowly, in a day-dream but he had to touch all the labels that were sticking out of the aisles as we walked down, then swinging anything that was hanging up.

I don’t know what they are doing in school that is so different to the infants but they definitely aren’t recognising his overload signals or in the last 4 months he’s managed to completely change his way of coping (I don’t think) and he’s now holding it all in.

Ha! Holding it in, gets me thinking on another area of when he joined the Juniors and I was told ‘they grown up so much during the summer holidays, he’ll be fine’. That laid back approach soon changed when they found that maybe they should have read up a little more and taken more interest in his history.


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