There is always one weird parent

While walking home from dropping the kids off from school yesterday I walked past a small local shop that one of the parents of a child in our daughters class runs. On this morning she’d just been setting up some clothes outside for view when two other mums (one who is also a TA in the school) approached her and they started chatting.

I suppose you could say I’m a slightly paranoid person but when you aren’t in the habit of socialising, you start to notice the odd looks of the clique parents. especially when one of your children is clearly not neurotypical and the other un-liked by her peers.

Whilst walking past I tried not to look or make it seem as though I was conscious of their presence but carried on walking, looking straight ahead but very aware of their being to my side – imagining their hot gaze burning into my head. At his point I had a flash back to when I was a child, a young Junior where I was friends with a boy called David. He was tall for his age and slender in size with short brown hair. I believe he lived with his Dad and if memory serves correct, with his Grand-father too although I don’t recal ever seeing his Mother and think she may have passed when he was younger.

David was quiet, a little under-dressed with trousers that didn’t quite fit his length but was always dressed smartly – as was his Dad, always in a suit although more like the material from a prison sack. This kind of information doesn’t really have any relevance but I like to remember anyway. He did interact with the other children although he did like to keep to himself and I remember I always rushed at the end of the school day to catch-up with him and walk home with him and his Dad. His Dad walked at an exceptional pace and David used to run along side him to keep up and they didn’t talk all the way home.

Today I felt like Davids Dad, walking quickly, alone and paranoid at what parents thought about me and my family (not to say his Dad was paranoid!).
Did they talk about me or us once we were out of ear-shot?
Did I look like Davids Dad in action?
Have we now become that family you look at as a child and think ‘they’re weird’?



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