Sunday night (22nd Jan 2012) I had another of my weird dreams, or should I say nightmare?!  I can’t remember it fully but as usual the important bits stand out and include poltergeists that want to interact with me by either chasing, preventing cupboards from closing or on this particular occasion, trying to make me into a contortionist.

We were in a house but it was a new house – I say we because I had a sense the others were downstairs. I was upstairs on an open plan landing, very similar to my sisters; there was a seating area and book shelves for reading quietly. At the base of my feet just to the left was the stairs, a spiral staircase and this might seem like a strange picture in your head but I was lying down hence the stairs being at the base of my feet. The ghost or poltergeist was trying to separate my legs to arrange my body in a weird shape; he or it was pulling and I was clamping and resisting any formation. I remember the shapes like tubes similar to a Z but with the downward line being straight – almost like an Egyptian but somehow this was going to be formed with my legs? The other image I remember were those tubes then forming or being part of the Teletubbies house – again very weird!

I woke up mid struggle to what seemed like the sound of an old Leapster Pad, so dazed, I stumbled out of bed to investigate. I went into son’s bedroom but the noise was coming from the other direction in our daughter’s room. Once my eyes opened enough to focus, I found she’d kicked her remote control at the end of her bed and managed to switch Dumbo on. I switched it off at the wall, located the controller and placed it on her side unit, whilst she lay there with her head hidden under the covers. Instead of turning it off, she wasn’t sure what it was and didn’t want to open her eyes, so instead hid until I came in to sort it out – this was at 4am.

I took a little while to get back to sleep but I snuggled into my husband until my body had calmed from both experiences only for something to then fall from the edge of the bath with a crash. Eventually I fell asleep with a cuddle from him who knows that if either of us snuggle in close in the middle of the night, it’s because of a bad dream.

I’m not sure what this dream represents but the legs I think might have been because that night before bed, I’d been reading our daughters Occupational Therapy report which included some leg issues and she has a little Hypermobility. Who knows…?


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