Please don’t go – Dream or Nightmare

I’ve had three nights of dreams that have been a little more emotional than usual; they are the kind of dreams that feel real when you wake up.

Dream 1 involved my husband flirting and getting involved with a female colleague.
Dream 2 involved my husband flirting and getting involved with another female colleague.
Both are pretty, funny and outgoing in their own way and now I’m leaving work I can only assume these dreams are a way of highlighting the impending threat.

Jealousy and trust!

Dream 3 is the one I remember most. Sitting with a Mrs T in her classroom; I’m sitting on a child’s chair, legs straddled facing back and they are on the opposite side of the table, legs crossed (why I remember this detail – is it important?). Both my husband and our children are there; the children are playing and my husband is standing next to the table. (This is weird – as he is rarely ever in this classroom!)

We are chatting when Mrs T exclaims cautiously, ‘did I tell you I’m leaving‘, shock on my part. Sheepishly she checks my reaction, unsure if I was aware, if this even bothered me. I try not to show my disappointment by leaning my head on its side, on my arm over the back of the chair. She tells me she was unsure if she’d spoken to me the other day in the playground. I confirm no, trying to hide further my sadness.

Mrs T turns to me and tells me I need to be persuading her to stay, telling her why it’s a bad idea to change school, that she hates the Head & Deputy at the moment – tears forming in her eyes. I jump at this chance, trying not to get emotional myself. “All jobs/schools are similar, what’s to say you won’t get a position you hate just as much. You can’t keep moving from one school to the next in search of the perfect position – they are few and far between. Everyone has things in their job they don’t like. You’re needed here, people love you, you’re good…” (I can’t remember the exact speech but it was similar to this.)

A parent walked in to get something with their child so we walked into the corridor towards a store cupboard that would have allowed a quiet, private chat.

I woke up.. the emotion still high. This is someone who has been my support, who I’ve come to respect, appreciate, who has been there when I’ve needed it!


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