Building SENCO Confidence

I am really trying hard to stay focused on my mission, but building trust and confidence with our new SENCo is almost impossible. Apart from the continuing questions of when are we or why aren’t we going to medicate our son for his ADD; today they lost any minute piece of trust we had in them.  I’ll write-up a full post later on how we’ve got on with the Education Statement but…
I asked if SENCO could refrain from sending in their Appendix B; I wanted to see if there was anything else that needed or could be added to make it more prominent & beneficial for the first statement. I asked if they could phone up the LEA and get their submission date extended.  I’ve not made this request to pick holes but to help not just our son but his school by trying to push for the full hours. Every time SENCO has called, they’ve tried home and then my mobile. Today was different; they rang my husband on his direct line at work to tell him they had phoned the LEA but due to the time constraints wasn’t allowed an extension, but not to worry me and I didn’t need to phone them back. Of course I phoned them back and they rattled off the same discussion exclaiming half term would mean they’d miss a week etc. and it must get sent in. When I said I would phone them to check my extension was still okay, they said it was fine?  Of course I phoned anyway and they told me that isn’t what they had said nor what the SENCO had said. SENCO had told them they had finished their appendix B, was ready to send it in but I had asked them not to and was that allowed! The LEA explained to me that it could be extended but it would be better to send it in to allow more time for them to prepare the statement thus allowing us more time to check it – their deadline for statement submission still stood.

Why did SENCO lie? All they had to say was, there isn’t anything else that ‘they’ can put and did not want to hold it back because etc. I don’t need a SENCO that feels the need to twist information. Our earlier SENCO, who although on occasions wound me up, didn’t play ‘obvious’ games with me!

Luckily the LEA explained that it would be beneficial to get the school papers in now, and once we receive the first statement and all supporting reports, that will be the time I can query/raise or add anything that isn’t right.  Obviously, this might leave less time to get anything questioned, but I’m aware of that and am getting ready with a request to school for a copy of their final Appendix B ahead of my LEA copies.

I already knew that this SENCO wasn’t as good, but they seem to scrape through this career with confidence of the school yet lacking from some parents (namely me as I haven’t discussed it with other parents). I’m concerned…


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