Hearing but NOT Listening!!


There is such a difference in the connection between teacher and parent in comparison to our children’s old Infants and their Juniors. You can see the teachers responses to a conversation or comment is just non existent. If you watch their eyes, you can see the fog form and take over within. Robotic responses, no real care… It doesn’t matter what you say; they have something in their heads and anything else isn’t allowed!

It’s almost deafening hearing your own thoughts and words rebound from their tiny minds. I can appreciate teachers get parents who bombard them with insignificant information and questions, but at the start of each academic year, they have to be open to all information. It is a stressful job… I’m stuck – I need a little banter and confidence that they are supporting our son.

I need to be able to bounce ideas off of you to make things work.


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