Request for Assessment

I spoke to a member of the SENCAN caseworkers team and they told me that the panel definitely meet on Thursday. I’ve been told I can update my question ‘My Views’ answers and get them sent in along with the Clinical Psychologists and OT report. A little happier at that response although still not sure I can do our son justice with the information I supply.

Its been a very stressful 10 days and it’s not going to let up for at least another couple of days. On top of the SEN stuff incl DLA, IEP & Statement I need to deal with, I have work, my course, kids & chores… my list is endless. Life!

This week I have to get the revised answers in for the assessment request, attend an IEP progress meeting – for which I am hoping we can try to amend quite drastically. We are to attend a transfer briefing that I also need to get all my questions ready for and then I have work, where projects are none stop at the moment. One of my colleagues goes on holiday from Thursday evening for two weeks… oh dear… so that’s going to build up even more.

I’m also working towards a degree and I’m soooo far behind on my units that I need a few weeks to catch up. The only thing I can think of now, is to ask for an extension on my next paper so that I can concentrate on catching up on the units first.

I did want to attend the Autism Show this weekend but I’m not sure if it will be possible with the current load; plus I don’t have anyone to go with. Our son’s birthday is coming up and we have invited relatives over, so we need to get the garden in order and clear the tons of toys (in big recycle bags) for charity. The problem though, is there are too many, might have to throw some away! Then we need to tidy the house, but again, no chance of that at the moment.

Stress overload…


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