A diary of a little boys Autism

In January, following various issues at school with our son, I decided to keep a little diary on his behaviour.

13th January 2011
A relatively slow day, but enough about me.
Tuesday Mrs T pulled him in at break time because he looked too cold. He’s been a little more grumpy this week with tummy aches and general feeling of unwell. Tuesday evening he managed to go to the toilet (eventually, after a few doses of lactulose) but on Wednesday complained again of feeling tired. Mrs T wasn’t sure if this was due to the day before?
I wrote a note to Mrs T saying it could be a number of things including the change in daily activities and to allow a week or two to settle back in and we’ll check in a week or so.
This morning however was a slow one for our son, he felt tired, tummy ache, etc. which could be a sign of overload? He managed to pick-up a little and was okay in school; Mrs T said he hadn’t mentioned his tummy.  However, on the way home he got a little aggressive when I had to stop him to allow others past! At home, he went straight upstairs to changed and played with his cars for a while but popped back down in his t-shirt and shorts (a good thing – he got changed without too much prompting) He then had a long crying spell because he wanted to use his sisters Jujitsu cards and the codes. Obviously she refused which he didn’t like. This outburst, while not uncommon, isn’t a usual aspect of his personality. I managed to calm him and allowed him time to watch Lego on my iPod touch. For the rest of the evening, things were fairly okay.

14th January 2011
He was good this morning. He brushed his teeth with minimal shouting, got dressed by himself and went into breakfast club fairly easily compared to late. When I picked him up from school Mrs T said he’d had a slow day, not great at all. She asked him about the SEN class, he said it was boring – so not as much academic stimulation for him? Yet we find the Mrs Ts class has too much stimulation for him. To think and read for ideas. Touchy, feely…

15th January 2011
A good day – He lost his temper with his sister and the Wii this morning but managed to calm him down. They went on the laptop together to play for a while and in the evening we played Top Trumps before dinner. He went straight to bed at 20:40 (when we said) after they’d been watching the school play in her room.

16th January 2011
Generally okay, a little cuddly throughout the day. Ate breakfast, lunch and dinner – played upstairs and down. Went to bed without problems but turned foot end, snuggling into all his teddies!

17th January 2011
NOT opened bowels yet since Sat morning. Not too bad this morning, a little tired, but not too many arguments considering. Walked to the Dentist from car park, but on the way back was a little drag on the arm! He ate dinner, went to bed okay, although turned foot end again to snuggle into Treelo.
Toast, Packed lunch, Chicken Goujon, salad and potatoes.

18th January 2011
He wasn’t tired this morning; brushed his teeth okay with his Club Penguin cards held back until done but then it all went downhill. Screamed when I used the deodorant, kept flopping on the bed and diverting attention away from what was required. He had football after school, so no collection until 16:15, BUT he got dressed on time).
Persuaded, whilst going along, to complete 5 of 8 from his maths homework, plus reading. We clapped hands and hands to table to spring him into action… worked a little. He was then allowed to play his one week day Wii session (we’ve limited it for a while), then had dinner and bed. He kept getting up, but eventually slept. I checked him about 22:00, a little teeth grinding was going on
Breakfast, Packed lunch incl. smoothie, Couscous, salmon and potatoes – yum.

19th January 2011


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