Scream, Cry or Sleep

I’m cold; I should really pop downstairs and kick the heating on! I’m also hungry and I’m supposed to be making the dinner. The kids are downstairs playing the Wii, I’m sitting here for the first time in ages on the laptop typing this up (usually its on the iPod touch or Mobile!). I’m a little tired, slightly emotional, in need of a hug, a warm cuppa and a nice chat with a friend. I can fulfil the warm cuppa bit until my husband gets home, but not sure what time that will be at the moment. He’s been working all the hours this week and I’ve working into the early hours including statementing – I’ve put my course on hold until the weekend.

I don’t know where to start? I suppose from the weekend when I made my attempt to get our son to complete his ‘My Views’ pack to send back to LEA for his Statement Assessment. Now, this pack was just for them to say yes or no to even start the assessment, so who knows how much they want us to do when they say yes. They will say yes, and I will not need to go to a Tribunal because I am the best Mummy in the world and I’m a very determined person!

In total, I typed up of 2,500 words for my running commentary on his attempt at filling out the worksheet himself, then on my attempt at asking him the questions and me scribing. It took about an hour and a half each time and I managed to get much more response from him the 2nd time. School then completed it too and SENCO scribed, but that apparently took only 20 minutes. I then worked into the early hours of Thursday morning, typing up the answers to my questions. They were duplicating information and I’m not sure I even answered them properly. I was tired, run down and working on autopilot… think I waffled in all honesty but it should be enough to get them to agree to assess – I hope.

It’s at this point I need a sleepy emoticon, but as I don’t I’ll just consider publishing as it is for now and finishing it later.


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