Verbal bullying

I’m in a mood. Its grey, the thunder clouds are looming, rumblings are overhead which I actually like, but I have a headache.

It’s wrong isn’t it, that we think it’s okay for ourselves to be negative, but we hate it when others are too. Today, I’m in a ‘who gives a crap’ way of thinking; but I’m also shouting out within, ‘pull yourself together’.

I have our daughter who’s written me a letter about who in her class is doing what to her…

Jxx: you’re not funny
Exx: grabs me
Jxx: annoy, calls names, bossy
Dxx: bossy
Lxx: call names
Exx: bossy
Dxx: annoys and calls names
Jxx: moans
Gxx: behaves too grown up/young
Axx: Sarcastic
S: Sarcastic

How am I supposed to sort that out. I can’t make people like her, I can’t change her personality.

I feel helpless, and a failure, a failure to both my children but I also feel angry at the parents who club together like a pack of wolves outside the school gates.
Geez people, you’re adults now, you’re not at school; grow up.

I wish I had the money to take us all away from here. Someone I know had a similar view when their children were at school, but knowing that doesn’t stop it being hell

I’m fed up with trying to be full of happy thoughts. Yes we all have problems but really, unless you are my friend, I don’t care about yours!


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