Fun in the sun

Saturday was supposed to be a relaxing day at the bottom of the garden in the sun, doing course work. The kids however had other ideas and Mummy was required on most occasions to help or stop the screaming abdabs!

So, my planned day turned into a ‘wing-it’ day that involved me making drinks, getting bowls, planting bedding flowers, surfing the forums, changing the bed covers, a little washing etc.

Our son was a little tetchy and didn’t want to use polite talk, instead screeching to get his point across. Eventually he calmed and played in his bedroom, and then happier in the afternoon when he was allowed to lose himself in his Star Wars XBox game. He loves computer, DSi, XBox, Wii things and we battle his moods to limit the usage on them. I know it’s common for children with autism or even any child for that matter, to like gaming but I’d rather he used his imagination and played.

Our daughter was in and out of the house making a lemon & poppy-seed loaf; my help, as usual, was required but it tasted delicious.

My husband got the hump with the garden. Usually the garden is his distress haven, but where we’ve moved, the garden is rubbish – clay, rock, dust.. it’s a disaster area with limited choices. So for this, we get lost tempers, swearing, grumps, garden tools get thrown down, I worry about what the neighbours must think as I get called to help.

Your time is your time, my time is your time, everyone’s time! I don’t really need my time as I’m mummy!

Although to be fair, in my favour, weekend mornings I get to lie in, hence my ability to do this – not all bad.


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