A day of pickles

This morning I received a phone call stating the letter requesting an assessment for Statementing our son, had been received. A letter and information pack had also been sent in the post… It’s also a start to the 6 weeks count down.

We checked our son’s birthday presents that arrived yesterday. His birthday is a couple of months away, but what we have is awesome.

Our daughter’s present also turned up today, we’ve given it to her early and it’s hopefully going to be a project she can get into.

I carried on with the DLA form tonight, I’m on part 9 of 42 and it’s taken 3 months on and off! My husband and I have decided to spend a fair bit of time on it tomorrow, or we’ll end up finishing it in about two years.

We all popped to the arts and craft shops today; we’ve ordered our son’s teachers end of year pressie – hoorah
I gave the man the description of what I want (a rustic, floating boat dish for the bath), he’s going to attempt to make it; if I don’t like, I don’t have to buy. A very nice chap and I’m very hopeful he’ll come up trumps. Whether my ideal design that I have in my head or not, I think he’ll make something just as good, if not better. I’m looking forward to my first viewing and the response from the receiver in approx 8 weeks time.

I had a slightly stressed afternoon yesterday, but certain people, one in particular, always manages to put a smile on my face just for being there.


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