Keeping the dream alive

My dreams are far from normal; they usually contain ghosts, poltergeist and monsters that chase me. In the last month, they’ve changed to drowning and kidnapping…

Dream one – 30th March 2011

What does this mean?

This morning, our son popped downstairs about 6am – I fell back to sleep for half an hour, only to have the weirdest dream!

We were on a fishing trawler – me, a man, woman and a baby. The boat was just leaving the dock; it was very sunny and the sea was clear. The woman had a fishing rod and threw the line into the sea. A shark could be seen under the surface, swimming towards the float on the line – I could feel myself panic, but that was the idea, to catch the shark!

The shark grabbed the line and almost instantly the boat started to tilt on its side (almost impossible, as the boat was big) where I tried to reach for the line to cut the shark free. It all happened too quickly and then the boat went upside down. My thoughts were: not to panic, wait for the suction to ease, and then I realised it might not stop in time for me to get free. Then I thought, even if it did, I wouldn’t be able to save anyone and the baby down below would drown. At no point was I panicking…

The alarm went off

Dream 2 – 12th May 2011

I let our son go out and play in the street (no, I don’t let him out at home!).
I went out to look for him and he was gone but, I was suddenly in my old home neighbourhood and I was walking over to some flats that were around the corner to where I used to live. I went to knock on doors and was then told by a group of parents that a man had taken him home to look after him until I arrived. I managed to find this mans place that appeared at the end of some shops; he was a care worker or dentist, or something – the dream wasn’t clear. I could hear a younger child crying upstairs, but when the man opened the door he only held a child slightly older than mine and told me that was the only child he had.  I went back on the street, past a mechanics/garage place, shouting and calling out his name.

I woke up!

Dream 3 – 18th May 2011

Our son had been taken, I think from school – I can’t remember the full detail.
He’d managed to get free, however, when he was found he was wearing weird clothing and a fury mask,  had a tracking chip on him and had been abused.


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